Fort Apache

  • Photo by Carlos Ayento; taken at Brighton Park Iris

  • Photo by Carlos Ayento; taken at Brighton Park Iris



CLASS: Tall Bearded



DESCRIPTION: Rich maroon red; self beard.

PARENTAGE: E 1180-1: (Roman Copper sib x A 424-A: (S 803-A: (M 728-B: (Inca Chief x Lady Albright) x N 966-1: (L 356-A: (Miogem x Oriental Glory) x L 359-A: (G 318-A, Color Glo sib, x Savage))) x R 965-1: (L 333-B: (Halolight x Inca Chief) x L 312-1, Brass Accents sib)))) X Cockade

AWARDS: Honorable Mention 1984

PBF: Unknown

From the 1982 Schreiner's Iris Lover's Catalog: A real outpost on the frontier of red Iris. This vibrant red beauty is one of the finest branched red Iris yet. It has the ususual growing habit of starting its first branch 6 inches from the 5 branches plus a spur. The stem's budding is all double socketed; a few even triple thus sporting up to 12 buds per stem. Too see is to believe! We are indeed using superlatives but this handsome red stands out as if on the dress parade. Its rich maroon-ruby red color is nicely captured in our photo. A show bench champion!

Fort Apache, located in Arizona, was established in 1870 near the town of Whiteriver to assist the White Mountain Apache Tribe to peacefully protect their lands. Fort Apache is perhaps most widely recognized in association with the famous leaders from various Apache bands, such as Geronimo and Cochise.