• Photo by Carlos Ayento; taken at Brighton Park Iris

  • Photo by Carlos Ayento; taken at Brighton Park Iris

ORIGINATOR: Ferdinand Cayeux


CLASS: Tall Bearded



DESCRIPTION: Lemon yellow self; faint rosy-purple veining on falls; golden yellow beards.

PARENTAGE: Claude Monet X Clementine Croutel

AWARDS: Certificate of Merit S.N.H.F. 1929

PBF: Unknown

From the 1931 Schreiner's Iris Lover's Catalog: When flowered for the first time, this Iris proved a great surprise, as it marked an enormous stride in the long wanted large flowering yellows. In this variety the wide standards of pure lemon-yellow are peculiarly wel formed, the falls of same tone are delicately reticulated very light brown and clear purplish-rose almost invisible as the flower opens. Beard golden-yellow, throat of flushed cream. A strong vigourous plant. Height over 3 feet. Certificate of Merit and Special Prize S.N.H.F. for three best new Iris in 1929.

From the 1935 Carl Salbach Iris Catalog: One of the really fine yellows. A big, luminous pale yellow, almost as large as W. R. Dykes, but a bit paler in color. Fine form and finish, with delicate light brown lining on the falls, which, however is so faint as to be almost invisible when the flower is open. A most vigorous grower, free blooming. 3 feet. C.C. Cert. of Merit, and Special Prize as one of the three best iris of 1929, S.N.H.F.

From the 1936 Longfield Iris Farm Catalog: Enormous wide-petaled flowers of perfect form and fine substance. S. pure lemon yellow; F. same delicately penciled clear rose purple which gives the flower a most artistic and sketchy effect. 40 inches.

From the 1936 National Iris Gardens Catalog: The yellow variety which we recommend to our customers. Enormous (one of the largest) wide-petaled flowers. S. pure lemon yellow with F. the same, but delicately penciled in rose. Because of its great beauty it received a special award in Paris. This is the yellow you want for your garden.