Tul Kerem

  • Photo by Carlos Ayento; taken at Brighton Park Iris

ORIGINATOR: Henry Danielson


CLASS: Arilbred



DESCRIPTION: S. bright blue, strong veining giving appearance of stripes; F. same with heavier veining; brown beard; bright blue styles finely veined.

PARENTAGE: (Saffron Charm x Jallah ad-Din) X I. atropurpurea

AWARDS: Honorable Mention 1977

PBF: Unknown

From the American Iris Society Bulletin for January 1974, Mount Clare Iris Garden Advertisement: A bright blue arilbred with veining so strong that in sun it almost appears striped. The center of the standards are clear blue with fine violet-blue veins radiating from the ribs, becoming thicker and heavier as they approach the edges of the petals. The falls are even more thickly veined, merging into solid color halfway down the petals, though closely viewed the veins still underlie the solid portion. Style arms match the standards in color and are finely veined and serrated. Beard is a neat, bright brown. The whole flower has a glowing sheen. This arilbred when well grown will have up to four flowers and is branched. The name was suggested through a friend of mine, Mr. James Mason, publicity chairman of the Northern Illinois Iris Society. When traveling through Israel in the town of Tul Keren, and when passing through a small Arab settlement, while on a bus sight seeing trip, the bus captain announced, "In this city a man may have four wives if he can afford that many!" On this three quarter arilbred you will find four beautiful flowers. So let's settle for that. A very strong grower and increaser. Best seedling at Albuquerque, N.M. show 1970.